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About Click Construction and Remodeling Wichita

Your Go-to Remodeling Expert in Wichita


Zach Click - Owner of Click Construction

Click Construction was established in 2010 by Zachary Click, a second-generation construction foreman. His interest in this career began at age 13 when he started helping his stepfather frame houses, which ignited his passion to pursue this field. At age 19, Zach earned his Class A Contractors Certification from the International Code Council. In addition, he is knowledgeable, professional, and has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. View Click Tips videos to get expert tips directly from Zach.


Click Construction LLC (Zack Click) did a walk-in tub installation for us in our newly remodeled bathroom (the tub install completed the remodel). The finished tub install looks incredible, and functions perfectly! Zack did an outstanding job on the installation, he is a very talented, experienced, and professional remodeler. He is great about planning the remodel in steps to accomplish the project in an efficient and orderly fashion. He also took great care to limit his remodel footprint within the house by putting down protective matting on all floors leading to and in the bathroom. After work each day, he cleaned and vacuumed the floor in the bathroom and the entire work path out of the house. I allowed him to use the garage for his equipment and work space during the project, and he always re-stored his equipment and swept the garage work area up at the end of each day so we could park the car in the garage if possible. Zack is also very good at keeping his customer informed by going over his daily remodel itinerary to make sure the customer is on the same page as he is, and discussed possible remodel variations as he went in order to preserve as much of the previous work that had been done on the remodel; he was very good at blending his work in with the existing design aesthetic of the bathroom - all while making a professional effort to stay within the time, labor, and material amounts of his contract estimates. We will definitely consider Click Construction LLC for future remodel jobs at our house!Read More

I have nothing but good things to say about Click Construction LLC! I have used them for several projects through the years. My basement had become flooded after a sump pump malfunction and Click Construction not only completely renovated the affected areas but finished two roughed in bedrooms. They were able to match the texture of the walls and ceilings original to the house. They were prompt and courteous, always willing to work with my schedule, and definitely exceeded my expectations. My basement again became water damaged several years later d/t a toilet malfunction causing drywall and carpet damage. The repairs to this project again were performed by Click Construction and were amazing! They have made the time to also do some small projects on my honey-do list that needed completed. You definitely get what you pay for with this company! Their work and dedication to each project was unmatched. Highly recommend!Read More

I highly recommend the Click Construction team for all jobs of home improvement, maintenance and remodeling. No job too big or too small and all done at a very fair price.Read More

From start to finish, a great experience. I am thrilled with the quality of work. I cannot recommend Click construction enough.Read More

Quality & Passion Go Into Every Project

Click Construction owner, Zach, recognizes the importance of building strong relationships with each and every client. It’s important that the client and contractor click. He strives to deliver quality service while treating every customer with respect. Zach is always up for a challenge as he enjoys tackling interesting, unusual, and sometimes difficult jobs. If you have any questions about your project, don’t hesitate to ask! Our aim is to provide the information needed to help you through the entire process.

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